The inevitable Dooms Day

Grades are out. I’m not happy but I’m not depressed. That’s that.

Now that I’m back on the law school grind, I’m just focused on staying on top of my classes and securing a summer internship. I have two interviews next week and I’d be equally happy to get offered a position at either. Pleeeeease universe, please please please be on my side.

It’s my first time living with snow and perhaps it’s making the effect of winter much ┬ámore disastrous. I’ve been craving sweets way more than usual. I’m normally not a dessert person but I’ve been obsessing over pretty much everything! Fudgy chocolate brownies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chocolate muffins, mehhh. It’s taking over my brain. So, after browsing around for some recipes for the past hour, I’ve decided to try a unique twist on brownies…vegan black bean brownies! My roomie recently discovered she has high cholesterol so these would be perfect for her. Another healthy recipe I came across was Quinoa Polenta Pizza Cakes! I actually spotted quinoa polenta at Whole Foods today and thought it was quite odd looking…but don’t they look nommy?? As for an unhealthy recipe, PB Choc Chip Cookies are a must. I’ll try to make one of these next weekend, so look forward to pictures :)

I’m also going to a free trial work out at a boxing gym next Saturday! I’ve been wanting to get into boxing but I can’t commit right now and it’s just too $$. Hopefully I don’t become addicted to it and decide to eat rice and beans until June in order to afford membership.

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